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If you’re looking for the best home remodeling contractors in Raleigh-Cary-Apex, Everbuild would like to introduce its “Design, Budget, and Build process that produces exceptional renovation work delivered on budget and schedule.

If you are a long-term homeowner, your Raleigh-area home is your castle. As such, you want to ensure that it looks good, remains structurally sound, and retains or increases its value. While careful attention to regular home maintenance can help, time inevitably takes its toll and degrades its functional and aesthetic components. The passing of time also generates personal change—family size expands, family size declines, lifestyles evolve, and day-to-day activities around the home shift in focus. This, in turn, can influence adjustments in the usage of different spaces in the home, adjustments that the home may not be able to handle efficiently. Given such time-related changes to the home and lifestyle, home renovation services will become necessary at some point in a long-term homeowner’s life.

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Whatever the reason, we can make your home beautiful

Whatever the reason, we can make your home beautiful

You might also want to seek residential remodeling services in Raleigh-Cary-Apex if you’re a new owner of a previously owned home. Everyone’s tastes differ and, while you might find the home of your dreams, it is almost bound to have at least some functional and aesthetic elements that you don’t like. Whether to refurbish an outdated kitchen or bathroom, or construct specific additional useable space, you’ll likely need the services of home remodeling contractors. Raleigh-based Everbuild has you covered! 

While the above scenarios describe why most area homeowners seek out home remodeling services in Raleigh-Cary-Apex, some people renovate for other or for multiple reasons. Other factors that can drive a homeowner to renovate include:

  • Repair damage from floods, fire, or other natural disasters
  • Make it eco-friendly or otherwise increase its efficiency
  • Increase the home’s value
  • Prepare the home for sale
  • Restore its former glory
  • Address safety or structural issues
  • Increased comfort and enjoyment
  • Renovating is easier than moving


Whatever reason you might have for needing a home renovation contractor in Raleigh-Cary-Apex, we trust that you will consider the high-quality design, budget, and build process we provide to our home remodeling clients. 

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Our Proven Design Process


Our team of experts will re-design and create 3-D renderings of your project


We will account for all materials and items required to build your vision


With the design and budget in hand, we will execute the build phase and you’ll see everything come to life!

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House renovation services, Raleigh-wide and throughout the triangle, have a mixed reputation. Home remodeling costs in Raleigh and the surrounding area vary widely, as does the quality of work. We help keep renovation costs down while striving for top quality in our finished work by following a meticulous three-step process.

We begin with the design phase, which helps coordinate subsequent work toward delivering you the desired high quality renovations. By meeting with you at your home, we review the project’s scope and inspect the site. In turn, you get to interview us, assess our level of detail, and otherwise get a sense of whether we seem right for the job.

Once you decide to proceed with the design work, our design team works with state-of-the-art 3D design technology to develop the proposed renovation plans. This design work accounts for building code requirements and limitations, existing configurations, proposed configurations and changes, material needs, and any structural, mechanical, and aesthetic considerations needed for the project. The final plans are rendered into photorealistic images of how your renovated space will appear upon completion.

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With the design work concluded, we then formulate a budget for all materials and labor using the design plans and consultations with the homeowner(s) and subcontractors. Some of this consultation may involve meeting with you in building supply company showrooms to choose and spec desired materials. If you approve the budget and hire Everbuild as your Raleigh-area home remodeling expert, know that the design fees are applied to the project’s overall cost.

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Home renovation projects are often quite challenging, but we are confident that you will be impressed with all of our work. We take care of all permitting issues, and we strive to make sure that all construction is of the highest quality and meets or exceeds local building codes. Everbuild workers are honest, courteous, and respectful of the homeowner(s)’ privacy and the fact that renovations can be disruptive to the household’s regular day-to-day routine. From conceptualization of the work to your finished renovation, we maintain strict attention to detail, quality of work, being on time, and keeping on budget. We strive to impress our homebuilder clients with our ability to complete your project on schedule. We are also team players—your team!—so never hesitate to ask questions or reach out with any concerns.

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True value with unprecedented results

Learn how our process can help execute your vision. We will assist you in developing a clear vision that can then be put into action by our team of professionals.


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We loved working with Everbuild Contractors. The design process was great and really helped us create the kitchen that we always wanted!
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Janet, C.

Apex, NC
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We hired Mike to upgrade the cabinets in our kitchen. He did an excellent job. Very professional and friendly, definitely would hire him again!
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Jim D.

Raleigh, NC
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The outcome was fantastic, Custom Remodeling and Carpentry really did a great job. We are glad we chose this company and they put up with all of our changes we wanted. We would hire him again.
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Jimmy F.

Kightdale, NC
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Michael was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He did an amazing job on the shower tile and the whole bathroom looks like a magazine! I can tell he is a perfectionist at his work and he really cares about doing the best job possible. He was respectful and very kind. I will definitely hire him when I am ready to do my kitchen!!
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Savanna W.

Raleigh, NC