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The Design, Budget, Build Process

Benefits of Everbuild’s “Design-Budget-Build” Process

Residential construction and renovations have long operated under a “design-bid-build” process, under which separate designer and builder entities typically conduct the design work and construction. In recent years, though, more and more residential construction contractors are operating under a design-build method under which a single company is responsible for both the design and actual construction.

Raleigh-Cary-Apex-based Everbuild Contractors operates under a variation of the design-build process, which it refers to as “design-budget-build.” The design-build process inherently includes residential renovation project budgeting. Still, Everbuild believes that because budget considerations carry similar weight as the design and construction elements of design-build remodeling services, it should be named as part of the process. In fact, the design-build process naturally improves the ability to create realistic budgets for home renovation projects, making it a vital benefit of the design-build process.  

Enhanced budgeting is just one benefit of the design-build process and Everbuild’s design-budget-build variation. Read on to learn about other benefits of design-build methods of conducting residential home remodeling in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex.

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1.) Improves Teamwork Cohesion

Under the traditional design-bid-build” process for home renovations and other construction, the design team and construction team work as separate entities. Under design-build methods—such as Everbuild’s design-budget-build—designers and builders are part of the same team and are much better aligned with the mission of successfully completing any home remodeling project. By being part of the same team, designers and builders are much more familiar with each other’s respective roles and better prepared to address any challenges that may arise. This teamwork also benefits the homeowner, who doesn’t have to engage in separate consultations with designers and builders. In fact, homeowners can essentially be part of the overall team.  

2.) Fosters Greater Home Remodeling Expertise

Because the design-build process significantly expands the collaboration between designers and builders, they learn from each other. Designers become more adept at viewing home renovation projects from the eyes of a builder, while builders better understand projects from the viewpoint of designers. This can significantly improve the quality of initial design work, reduce the need for change orders, and helps keep the designers and builders on the same page throughout the renovation project.

3.) Hastens Project Completion

Designers and builders who are on the same home remodeling team can coordinate planning and operations in lockstep with each other and with the homeowner. This leads to much faster decision-making and allows the team to be much more adaptive and responsive to challenges that arise during the renovations. The builder’s collaboration with renovation design from the get-go also reduces the need for workflow-delaying design revisions. In short, the design-build process helps better organize and streamline the entire project, from initial design work to the final coat of paint.

4.) Which All Leads to Reduced Costs

All of the design-build benefits are worthwhile on their own, but they can also collectively serve to reduce the costs of your Raleigh, Cary, or Apex home remodeling project. The reduced overhead of a collaborative design-build team provides cost savings from the get-go, while streamlined project planning and precise budgeting can deliver additional savings. In fact, the Design-Build Institute of America claims that design-build construction projects of all types are completed twice as fast as traditional design-bid-build projects and are 6% cheaper. This explains why total design-build construction now holds 47% of the total U.S. construction market.

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