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Open-Concept Kitchens

Remodeling Your Kitchen?—Consider These Benefits of an Open-Concept Design

Homeowners considering kitchen remodeling in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex tend to think along traditional lines of keeping separation between the kitchen, dining room, and other rooms in the home. Not that there is anything wrong with this—folks in the Raleigh, North Carolina area like their traditions, and the conventional home layout with a dedicated kitchen just seems to make sense.

Suppose you think outside the box beyond the constraints of convention, though. In that case, your kitchen renovations in Raleigh could open up transformative design elements that might enhance your primary living and entertaining space. You can do this by remodeling your kitchen with an open-concept design.

With over 10 years of providing kitchen renovation services in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex, Everbuild Contractors has experienced a noticeable uptick in homeowners interested in exploring the open-concept design for their kitchens. We’ve also seen numerous first-hand benefits Raleigh-area homeowners have gained from remodeling their conventional kitchen into an open-concept kitchen. Read on to learn more about these benefits, and then get in touch with our design team to begin work on your Raleigh-area kitchen remodeling project.

Open concept kitchen with dark wood cabinetry

What Does an Open-Concept Kitchen Renovation Entail?

Depending upon your home’s existing configuration, you can renovate your kitchen to meld it with other rooms in your house by removing walls and other barriers that separate them under the traditional layout. In many cases, this involves combining the kitchen with the dining area but sometimes works by melding the opened-up kitchen with the living room, den, or similar rooms. Some existing home configurations in the Raleigh area lend themselves perfectly to creating one large “great room” that incorporates the kitchen with the dining and living rooms. While your home’s existing layout may seem too “fixed” to allow for the open concept idea, a skilled design-build home remodeling contractor in Raleigh-Cary-Apex can often find ways to overcome such perceived challenges.      

Kitchen in luxury home with wood top island

The Open-Concept Kitchen Design Optimizes Space

Your Raleigh-Cary-Apex kitchen remodeling project can maximize existing space using an open-concept design. Not only does the open concept create additional space by removing walls and other barriers, but the incorporation of other rooms into one bigger space provides far more options for how that space is used. This might allow you to add a new appliance or new counter space via a kitchen island or provide a more flexible option for your dining area arrangement.


An open-concept kitchen renovation in Raleigh-Cary-Apex creates more room for people to move around and can provide a more inviting space in which family members and guests can get comfortable. The open-concept design helps bring people together rather than encourage separation, as the conventional design inherently does.

Open concept kitchen with island

Open-Concept Kitchen Enhances Home’s Entertainment Value

If you’re like most people in the Raleigh area, you’ve probably noticed that guests tend to gravitate to the kitchen area when you entertain. The kitchen is typically where the action is, whether guests are interested in food, drink, or mingling with the host(s). By opening your kitchen up and making it part of your dining and/or living room areas, you expand the focal-point area of all of your entertainment endeavors. This gives you more time to interact with your guests and promotes the overall interaction among them. As previously suggested, this will also enhance the together time with your family.

Open concept kitchen room design with large bar style island.

An Open-Concept Kitchen Remodel Can Brighten Your Home

When you open up your primary rooms with an open-concept kitchen renovation, Raleigh-wise or anywhere in the Greater Triangle Area, you create a much lighter and brighter ambiance in the opened-up areas. This holds especially true when you configure an open-concept kitchen remodel in smaller homes. And this brighter ambiance can be further enhanced by innovative lighting and window additions suggested by your Raleigh home renovation contractor. 

Luxury kitchen with white cabinetry

Save Money and Boost Resale Value

Depending upon the existing configuration and other home features, an open-concept floor plan may help lower your energy bills. In many cases, open-concept floor plans are easier to heat and cool, boosting energy efficiency. When it’s time to sell your home, that modern, open-concept kitchen renovation may help you increase the asking price and lead to a quicker sale.

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For Your Expert, Raleigh-Cary-Apex Kitchen Renovations, Turn to Everbuild!

To successfully remodel your Kitchen in Raleigh, NC, with an open-concept design, you will want to find a contractor who has vision and is experienced with including design as part of the build. Everbuild Contractors uses a proven “Design, Budget, and Build” process to produce high-quality renovations in the Raleigh area on schedule and on budget. To learn more, contact Everbuild today at 919-818-0113. 

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Open concept kitchen room design with large bar style island.

Open-Concept Kitchens

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