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Water Damage / Shower Remodel

Leaking Shower Caused Rotting Floor System

Mr. Williams

4 weeks


Raleigh, NC

Walk-in Shower Remodel and Painting Bathroom/Bedroom

This client had their bathroom remodeled about 7 years ago, and were, unfortunately, the victims of poor craftsmanship and care. Upon demolition of their shower, we found that the shower pan liner was not installed correctly. The previous contractor did not take all waterproofing measures that are necessary for a shower to function properly. This resulted in a slow leak for 7 years. The subfloor and joists “wicked” the leaking water and it even traveled to the bedroom. We remediated all of the black mold and repaired the floor system. Also, all of our showers come standard with extra waterproofing measures such as a membrane that is rolled on the entire shower before installing tile. Now the client has a water-tight shower that will last decades!
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